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Wedding Ceremony Music Selections

The sky is the limit, regarding specific wedding music selections for the actual ceremony. There are those who prefer traditional music (i.e traditional wedding processionals and recessionals etc.) and others who may lean towards contemporary (i.e rock, pop, jazz etc.) selections. There is no right or wrong here, as the issue is subjective and a matter of personal preference.

Music Ensemble Set-Up Protocol

Coordinate with your wedding/event planner in advance the following protocol for your music ensemble of choice. Advanced planning and pre-arranged coordination will facilitate  professional setups the day of the event.
Setup checklist (key items) –
1) Sufficient space at an optimized location for the music ensemble (quartet, trio etc.)
2)  Items such as armless chairs at the wedding ceremony location and cocktail-reception area(s) or other applicable location at the specific event
3) Outdoor events – Ensure there is adequate natural shade or that market umbrellas are provided for the musicians to protect their vintage instruments from direct sunlight/rain.
4) Access to electrical outlets which may be used as a power source for music stand lighting
5) Heat lamps (ceremony participants, guests and music ensemble) – for inclimate, cold, outdoor weather conditions. Essentially standard protocol for inclusion as an assist, to providing a “normal” performance setting, therefore promoting the enhancement and optimization of professional music performance. High marks and scores for ceremony participant/guest appreciation on this one!