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Music Ensemble Set-Up Protocol

Coordinate with your wedding/event planner in advance the following protocol for your music ensemble of choice. Advanced planning and pre-arranged coordination will facilitate  professional setups the day of the event.
Setup checklist (key items) –
1) Sufficient space at an optimized location for the music ensemble (quartet, trio etc.)
2)  Items such as armless chairs at the wedding ceremony location and cocktail-reception area(s) or other applicable location at the specific event
3) Outdoor events – Ensure there is adequate natural shade or that market umbrellas are provided for the musicians to protect their vintage instruments from direct sunlight/rain.
4) Access to electrical outlets which may be used as a power source for music stand lighting
5) Heat lamps (ceremony participants, guests and music ensemble) – for inclimate, cold, outdoor weather conditions. Essentially standard protocol for inclusion as an assist, to providing a “normal” performance setting, therefore promoting the enhancement and optimization of professional music performance. High marks and scores for ceremony participant/guest appreciation on this one!