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Tips for Wedding Toasts

Do you want tips for wedding toasts?

As a professional wedding musician I have witnessed many very nervous and unprepared groomsmen and bridesmaids, though well intended, make or deliver mediocre toasts. I found this great source for wedding toasts by Tom Antion. These tips for wedding toasts will make it easy to be memorable at your best friend’s wedding.

From my affiliate Tom Antion, (Consumer Advocate, Public Speaking and Internet Marketing Expert), a direct quote about his e-book on tips for wedding toasts.

Very few people can make a successful toast
without some help!

I’ve seen one too many confident toasters flub it up by boring or confusing wedding guests, or even worse, saying something that embarrasses everyone—talk about unforgettable! Nervous toasters usually have the right words but have a hard time delivering them when their hands are shaking out of control…

And what if the groom’s drunk uncle asks you to make his toast at the rehearsal dinner? What would you say?

Did you know there are people at the wedding celebration your particular toast should be for—and it’s not always the Bride and Groom?

Or the best time to give your toast?

Or why we toast at all?

Words are not the only essentials in the art of toasting…

Who wants to become a bad wedding story or loser of the night? Not you! You want to express how you feel about your loved ones or friends in a way that’s charming and fun.

and for those wanting to perfect their wedding speech, also from Tom Antion…

 Wedding Celebration Speeches


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